Portable Hand Washing Stations paired with Porta Potties

Forza Site Services Hand Washing StationPortable hand washing stations at your event or work site have several benefits including, shorter wait times for porta-potties, and quick sanitation without one needing to visit the porta potty on the event site.

Even when the porta potty has a sanitation station inside, if the event gets busy, the quick turnaround time for the potty is important for the convenience and comfort of your guests.

Some of the reasons our clients choose portable hand washing stations for their sanitation needs:

  • Food Prep Sanitation: Texas Health Dept regulations require proper sanitation on an event site when food is being handled or prepared.  Our hand washing station rentals provide employees who work with food at an event site the opportunity to maintain proper hygiene in temporary outdoor environments.
  • Safe Hygiene: Whether it’s employees at a dirty job site or attendees for an event, no matter where you are, proper hygiene is important.  Portable hand washing stations provide your employees or event attendees with the opportunity to have safe hygienic conditions wherever they are.

At Forza Safety, each two-person hand-washing station features:

  • a 20-gallon freshwater tank (300 washes with soap and paper towels)
  • a 20-gallon waste water tank
  • Foot-operated water pump

Contact us at 806-543-7417 to see about pairing our quality portable hand washing stations with your porta potty rentals.